Why Do Donations Matter?

Personal sacrifice is one of the pillars in the edifice of faith that has sustained American Heritage School for more than 50 years. Your personal sacrifice on behalf of American Heritage School will strengthen this edifice for generations to come.

American Heritage School neither seeks for nor accepts any funding from local, state, or federal governments. This funding independence allows the pursuit of education under the influence of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and the establishment of our own curricular and programmatic sequencing, assessments, and priorities.

How to Give



In-kind Items


Why Donate Stock?

Tax advantages are available to donors who gift appreciated securities rather than cash. When appreciated securities are gifted to American Heritage School, the IRS allows the donor to deduct the fair market value of the security without assessing any taxes on the capital gains (i.e. the difference between the donor’s cost basis and the security’s fair market value).

So, donations effectively cost a donor less if the donor gives appreciated securities rather than cash. Click here to see a hypothetical example of how this works. If you wish to donate appreciated securities, we have everything ready to facilitate the transfer.

American Heritage Schools, Inc. is a Utah non-profit organization, and a registered 501(c)3 corporation. Contributions to American Heritage School are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.